We help you to create a customized syllabus for your students.

Sample Syllabus

Let us help you put together a unique and dynamic syllabus, that will ensure your educators and teachers deliver an interactive and dynamic lesson.

Not only will we work with you to develop an art curriculum, we will provide you with the facilitation training that will allow you to administer the lessons in a fun and easy way.

Our facilitators guide is a robust compilation of the procedures and techniques used to manage large groups of students in an eighty minute classroom setting.

Do you have to use it only for large groups?

Absolutely not. IF you prefer a smaller group that would be recommended as you would be able to explore and develop a deeper comprehension with the students.

What can you expect to receive from our service ?

  • A consult session where we discover the needs and necessities for your teaching endeavours.
  • A facilitators guide to aid you in your classroom management and lesson delivery.
  • An 18 week syllabus with details on what the students will learn and develop in each lesson.

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