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A Sample Of The New Book.

The warm blood covered his nose and bathed its teeth, as thick chunks of flesh make its way down its esophagus and into the screaming pit of its insatiable stomach.

It seemed like it had been forever since the last meal, and the beast just couldn’t get to the delicious meat fast enough. Indecipherable  sounds of  pleasure and satisfaction came rushing out between bites and swallows. This was a good hunt, a well deserve treat. That was soon to be interrupted by the approaching footsteps in the dark forest.

The tender flesh of this young human male was just what it needed to replenish its depleting strength.

The journey was long and the road a head was even longer…

As it made its last swallow it raised its head to meet the eye of the grown human male carrying an object he had once seen before. His movements were slow, calculated. The look on the mans face was something he recognized too. Maybe, just maybe it would all come back to him. Maybe he would finally remember.

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