Live Today Like You Mean It

This was inspired by the help of a few friends of mine who discuss the issues they go through when it comes to life and relationship experience. Some times when you fall you never know how to get back up. I hope no one ever goes through a change that discourages them from ever loving again.

The Erased

The worst thing to happen to anyone is when you have put something so inspirational together and are ready to share it, to suddenly have it all disappear. Have you ever experience something like this?

Let It Be

Battling with yourself can be the most challenging duels anyone can have, tougher than any opponent you will ever meet. How do you beat you?

Is He Malevolent​?

Growth happens when you reflect on the things that matter and the things that don’t. When you can set aside the misunderstandings of the past, we can take a step into the future solidifying the bonds.