Is He Malevolent​?

Growth happens when you reflect on the things that matter and the things that don’t. When you can set aside the misunderstandings of the past, we can take a step into the future solidifying the bonds.

Love Thyself and Love Thy Neighbor.

The secret to happiness is found deep within. Many people looking for their source of happiness externally, hoping that it will fix what’s damaged inside themselves. Seek first to understand yourself before you can get others to understand you.

Shadows On The Wall

We are often haunted by our thoughts of not being good enough. The truth is this is only a figment of our imagination that has been aided by society. Truth is, we were born perfect, all of us.


Silence isn’t all bad. When you take the time to reflect and meditate you get an opportunity to get to solve some of your most deepest and troubling questions.