How To Build Wealth With Your 9-5 Investing When You Know Nothing About Investing

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We dedicate this to the working class individual and families. You have worked hard and can’t seem to shake the rat race. You pay your bills, you buy groceries, but your bank account is light or empty until the next payday. You have a few credit cards and lines of credit that have reached the limit.
How are you going to get out of this mess?

Building Wealth With Your 9-5


Investing has been a concept that the wealthy have used to unlock the secrets to more cash flow. By the end of this, you’ll have the ability to use the same secrets the richest men and women on the planet use to live a financially free lifestyle.

What is Investing?

Investing is when you dedicate your time, assets and effort to an activity with the assurance of further development and growth in value.

Building Wealth With Your 9-5

How do you build wealth from your 9-5 when you know nothing about investing?

So, how do you build wealth from your 9-5 with investing when you know nothing about investing?

You need to read. Read about money, investing, and how you can take your daily income and turn it into a bag, as the kids like to say nowadays.

The books I wish I would have started with twenty years earlier when I began my journey to financial freedom are cult classics.

  1. Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
  2. The Richest Man In Babylon by George S. Clason
  3. Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

The three books are the get wealthy for a sure starter pack. Equip yourself with these and watch your bank account grow to unbelievable heights.

We will continue from where we eft off our building wealth from your 9-5 series. You’ve been allocating a percentage of your income to various accounts—one for savings, one for debts, one for daily living and one for miscellaneous expenses.

If you’re keeping your savings in a traditional account, you know your money isn’t growing much.

Keeping your hard-earned money in a savings account only does two things.

  1. It gives the bank access to your cash for loans and credits
  2. Reduces your buying power when inflation kicks in

What you want to do is put your money to work. Putting your money to work means investing your money and not having it sit in a savings account until inflation reduces its buying power.

What are some investment vehicles that you can start?

  • Stocks & Options
  • Real Estate
  • Life Insurance
  • Mutual Funds
  • Business

There are levels to investing. Not everyone is familiar with them. We recommend you speak with a financial advisor and get the guidance you deserve.

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You still don’t know anything about investing. Let’s make it as simple as possible for you.

You earn $1000 a week. You will take 10% of that each week to save it or invest. That means you will take $100 every week and set it aside. You don’t want to keep your money in a shoe box. You want to put it somewhere that will grow over time. You can’t buy real estate with just $100, and by the end of the month, $400 isn’t going to be enough either.
The key is having your money make money while saving it. You can invest it through a registered or non-registered fund and grow your savings over time. Speaking to a financial advisor will allow you to understand who you are as an investor and your risk tolerance. It will also help you get a clear view of your financial priorities and will enable you to build a short-term and long-term wealth strategy.

You’re working a steady 9-5 to provide for yourself and your family. You just realized that keeping your money in a traditional savings account loses its buying power and value.

The best thing you can do for your savings is to put them in an investment or insurance vehicle to keep them protected and grow them over time.

Speaking with a financial advisor can help you understand what your risk tolerance is and help you allocate your hard-earned savings to safeguard against market conditions. If you don’t know your risk tolerance, your financial advisor will have the necessary tools to uncover it.

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Everyone’s ultimate goal with investing is to grow, generate and keep enough of their investment assets while building on their financial education and discipline.

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