How To Build Wealth With Your 9-5 The Richest Man In Babylon Concept

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We dedicate this to the working class individual and families. You have worked hard and can’t seem to shake the rat race. You pay your bills, you buy groceries, but your bank account is light or empty until the next payday. You have a few credit cards and lines of credit that have reached the limit.

You need a miracle, and you need it fast.

How To Build Wealth With Your 9-5 The Richest Man In Babylon Concept


The term wealth to describe an abundance of possessions.

What is Wealth?

When you have Wealth, you have plenty of resources.

How do you build Wealth from your 9-5?

You build Wealth from your 9-5 by making sure to pay yourself first. You build Wealth from your 9-5 by making sure to pay yourself first. It means you treat yourself as an employee of your life. You have contracted yourself out to a company, and they pay you every week or two weeks. Once you receive your cheque, set aside 10% of the amount. Talk to your bank to set things up, or use this exclusive KOHO invite to set up your KOHO card and have your 10% automatically sent to the card.

Building wealth isn’t about accumulating a million dollars overnight.

How To Build Wealth With Your 9-5 The Richest Man In Babylon Concept

You’re setting aside 10%; Now what?

We’We’vest allocated 10% of your income to savings. It’It’sme to break down the remaining 90%. The next step is to take 20% to pay bills and debt. You will need to develop discipline here. Your goal is to build Wealth, and you will need to stay the course, even if it means waiting until the next payday to pay off the remaining debt balance.

You’re setting aside 20% for debt; now what?

Use the remaining 70% of your income to live off – groceries, clothes, and entertainment. Enjoying yourself and caring for your family during this building process is essential. It’ll be that driving force and motivation that will get you through to your destination.

Repeat the process with every pay; by the end of the year, you’ll have accumulated enough to get to the next stage.


There you have it. Quickly look into how you can build Wealth from your 9-5. Remember, it will take discipline and dedication to see this through. If you’re not ready to start your own business and have decided to keep a secure job, this is one of the best ways to guarantee financial freedom and success.

Furthermore, this can be implemented to build Wealth, get out of debt, and save for an emergency, vacation, or unique engagement purchase. The options are endless.

Everyone’s ultimate goal in building Wealth from their 9-5 is to generate and keep enough income while making on their financial education and discipline.

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How to build wealth from your 9-5 the Babylonian method
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