12 Side Hustles To Replace Your 9-5 Crypto

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12 Side hustles to replace your 9-5 is a series dedicated to the savvy digital nomad and entrepreneurial enthusiast. I will share with you the opportunities that I have dabbled in and disclose the outcomes of each endeavour. I’ll also be sharing links to products and services that will help you along your journey. Some links will contain affiliate links so, when you make your purchase, I know that you have found the information valuable. Allow me to continue to bring you more great information and services you can use to enrich you and your family’s life.

12 Side Hustles To Replace Your 9-5 Crypto


12 Side Hustles To Replace Your 9-5 continues with Cryptocurrencies.

Crypto is the new internet since the internet became the ecosystem of the future. Now, we can look forward to cashless transactions and more power in the hands of the people.

What is Crypto?

Crypto is a digital currency. A currency secured by cryptography. The security makes it impossible for digital money to be counterfeit. The allure of cryptocurrencies technology is due to its decentralized nature, which exists on a blockchain network.

12 Side Hustles To Replace Your 9-5 Crypto

How does Crypto make you money?

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies out there. And there are multiple ways to make money from Cryptocurrency. The best way to make money from Cryptocurrency is to mine it. You would need to purchase all the equipment to begin your new venture. The good news is if you have a computer or laptop, you’re already ahead with your equipment acquisition. The next piece of equipment would be a hardware miner. Getting it is simple. However, it’s become quite pricey now that many mining farms created. Finally, you will need mining software on your computer device to be complete. For the complete guide on how to mine bitcoin, check out the details here.

Another way you can make money from Cryptocurrency is to invest in the blue-chip cryptocurrencies out there. If you think Shiba Inu, Doge, Floki Inu are considered blue-chip cryptos, let’s put the curiosity to bed and let you know that they are not. Not at the moment. However, over time they could be in the league of Bitcoin or Ethereum. When you invest in these blue-chip Cryptos, it’s always best not to try and time the market but to dollar cost average.

Option number three is to stake your coins in a pool. To stake locks up your investment to secure the Network or provide liquidity in the blockchain. You make a bold statement of having 100% belief in the protocol and are willing to take the risk to gain the rewards.

There are at least 7 ways to make money with Crypto. We outline three of them here.

  • Bitcoin mining
  • Investing in the blue chip crypto
  • Staking

There you have it. A quick look into a side hustle that can replace your 9-5. Remember, Cryptocurrency is a side hustle that can replace your 9-5 and put the power back into your hands when it comes to your financial decisions. Like any form of investment, you will need to do your research and not blindly follow the information you get from social media influencers.

Everyone’s ultimate goal with Cryptocurrency is to gain passive income while exploring and educating yourself on the emerging new technology. We are still VERY early in the Cryptocurrency ecosystem. With the emergence of the NFT’s and Metaverse, it’s only a matter of time before new crypto billionaires emerge, and who knows, you could be one of them..

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12 Side Hustles To Replace Your 9-5 Crypto

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