How To Make An Extra $30 Or More In An Hour Or Less

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Supercharge your side-hustle
How To Make An Extra $30 Or More In An Hour Or Less

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I wasn’t looking to become an educator. I just wanted to experience something new. I wanted to have a story to tell my children and grandchildren some day. I had no idea what was waiting for me that day when I agreed to receive the details of the TESOL program.

It’s funny, because I actually sat on the information for two years before I did anything. I quit my job with National Student Loans and decided to get into Sales and Acting. I worked for Xerox, I worked at York Search Group, I landed some roles and did some shows. But, nothing took me out of the country. My world was just Canada and that was it.

It wasn’t until I broke up with my then girlfriend when I realized I needed something different in my life. I needed some place different. I wanted to see the world, at least leave Canada and go somewhere I had never been before. But, how would I survive, I thought. How would I buy food, clothes, pay for my mortgage while I explored the world?

That’s when the idea hit me. I could make money while I travelled, like what the email I received from my colleague years ago mentioned. So, I pulled up the archive and began to read the details. It was going to cost me $1000 that I barley had but, give me an opportunity to travel to Italy, Spain, Russia, China, Thailand, Vietnam, or the Philippines. I would get to travel, see the world, build experience and create unforgettable memories.

As you can probably guess… I pushed the pay now button. It was the best decision I have ever made.

Now, I’ve decided to share with you the secrets to the game. When you get “How To Make $30 or More in an Hour or Less” You will get a chance to see exactly what I did to earn over $200,000 and how you can too.

I’m offering it FREE of charge as a pre-launch special. All I ask in return is an honest review from you and that you take full advantage of the opportunities offered. The global environment is changing, and the way you increase your net-worth should be just as ever changing. Prices go UP for this guide as of August 18th so, don’t hesitate. Grab your copy today and create a memory you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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