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Short Stories & Poetry

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Sample Of Short Story.

Travelling through space where there is no concept of time, just a vast ocean of nothingness. Angelus  yearned for silence from the flashing memories. A moment of darkness, a place far away from the continuous flood of flash images and memories, the pain, lives lost, cruelty and senseless violence by human kind. A place of peace is what he craved, so at times in the vast emptiness he would meditate to bring himself the solace he yearned for. It worked, the meditation allowed him to see that there were good intentions in men. He saw the love, kindness, appreciation, empathy, loyalty and peace they could display to one another.  How unfortunate that many people let their past and negative experiences dictate their future. What a shame to never embrace the pure essence of one’s soul because of the emotional pain we carry with us. Angelus could finally see why so many people became so cynical and jaded, he could finally feel all their emotions. There was something strange about the way he felt, something that he couldn’t quite understand but knew it would be part of his new experience.

The light years became a moment of reflection for the brothers. Moving at a rate so fast that everything seemed to be at a standstill. They were absorbing the energies surrounding them, allowing themselves to grow. They were coming to terms with the images they saw, they found themselves content with their mission. The world was going to change in many ways they could not explain, the world was going to change in many ways they could not contain. 

The brothers could not see one another, however, they could sense each other, it was as if they were the same person occupying one space. The darkness was a beautiful tapestry of black woven with sparks of blue and glitters of greens and reds that mirrored the auroras. The sounds were a symphony of deep echoes. A gentle pulsating hum that reverberated in an infinite loop and perfect harmony. An orchestra made for the soul. The sounds were not just heard but, they were felt with the same intensity and vibration like the ping from a sonar. The pings would light the darkness with a faint glow like the Anglerfish of the deepest trenches.  

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