Canadian Hip Hop Artist That Is Naturally Born To Be The Great Not A Stranger To Business Of Music Production – Rich Kidd

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Rich Kidd
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In this episode, we talk about one of the most talented humans from Canada. He produces beats, raps, and quote “sometimes direct amateur pornography films.” He’s selective with who he works with because his talent will ensure that your project will reach new milestones and garner many accolades.

Ritchie Acheampong, a.k.a Rich Kidd, is a Mississauga native resident who began his music career before he finished high school. He was creating bangers with fruity-loops studios that could contend with the likes of Kanye West and Boi-Wonda.

Ritchie is a Juno award winner, producer for industry artists such as Saukrates, Maestro Fresh West, K-os, Sonreal, and Jay Electronica. With all that he has done, you would think that Rich Kidd wouldn’t have much time for anything but the music. However, we discover that under all that he has accomplished, the heart of a humble man beats.

Rich Kidd continues to be an example to his peers and future generation of Canadian Hip Hop. He is known to make time to work with young inmates. Host workshops and community events. Rich Kidd makes it a point to keep things simple by making sure that he remains focused on doing what he loves, making dope beats, and making dope music.

Why is a person like Rich Kidd so valuable to the industry?

Simply put, his art creates a time machine for the audience. It doesn’t matter if you grew up in the era of heavy bass or melodic hip-hop beats. You know, the kind that keeps your head bopping and eardrums seduced by the lyrics? It doesn’t matter if you grew up with the transformative genre of mumble rap. Listening to a Rich Kidd production creates a certain nostalgia that is undeniable. Secondly, he is a prime example of humility through the chaos of fame. A beacon of hope to the youths that he gives back to in the Toronto community. A straight shooter when it comes to his critique, always telling you how it is and what you need to hear. He keeps it consistent and keeps it real.

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