Who Is The Studio Monk – Junia-T

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The Studio Monk

In this episode, we talk about one of the most talented humans from Canada. A man who produces, engineers, writes, freestyles, and is always putting another artist in the spot-light even when his name is the headlining act.

Jonathan Lindo, a.k.a Junia-T, hails from Mississauga, Ontario. His name rings a bell from Toronto to Vancouver, from Tennessee to Jamaica, from Mississauga to London, England.

Creating music that transcends is his main focus. Junia-T produces and engineers his records with a process that develops camaraderie with the individual or group he creates while in the studio.
It is not a rush job when it comes to the time spent at the studio. There is a method to why Junia-T conducts his sessions in such a manner. He is known to say that it is not about what he does in the room. It is how much room he makes for the people in the room to be themselves.

Junia-T has recognized that some artists get enticed by the allure when it comes to creating music. It stops them from enjoying their creations as some artists pass away early chasing fame. Junia-T continues not to be influenced by the fast-paced demands of the industry. He remains the architect to the atmosphere that will foster genius. Great music happens when you’re having fun, say’s Junia-T, and that is what every session of his incorporates, an environment that draws out the best moments from each artist.

Why is a person like Junia-T so valuable to the industry?

He’s the one that allows us to understand that art is not all about having your name in the limelight. Although that is a phenomenal achievement, it’s not the only goal. Music is poetry, an expression of the soul, a connector to all of us floating in this vast universe. Junia-T’s attitude and work ethic are reminiscent of the creators that leave behind timeless records. The difference is he is still alive for us to appreciate his works of art.

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