Year End Review A Look At What We Survived

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2020 took everyone by surprise. Nevertheless, it gave many resolution writers an easy way out of their commitments. It also allowed everyone to take a step back from their mundane daily rituals that we all have come to accept as the normal way of life.

Here, you will find a list of some of the adventures we had in 2020. The travel, friends, family, education, business, finance, and self development that occurred.


Although they were not quite as expected, we did end up traveling in 2020. Mainly to keep our family safe from the dangers of what was then the Wuhan Flu, Covid-19 became an infamous antagonist in many peoples lives.

We started in Shenzhen, where we were stationed for some time. Due to the unforeseen circumstances of Covid, we decided to head back to Canada. However, our flight plans took us to Taiwan before we made it to our home and native land. Read more about what to expect out of your journey to Shenzhen, China here

Shenzhen Airport

Once in Canada we noticed that the Covid concerns began to weigh its toll on the rest of the world. We thought we would be safe from the dangers of the this pandemic in Canada for the duration of the Chinese Spring Festival, then planned to return to Shenzhen to finish the rest of the school year. However, we ended up in Latvia after spending 7 months in Canada and haven’t been back to Shenzhen since. Rumor has it that life in Shenzhen is pretty much back to the normal that everyone in North America is carving.

Accomplishments During Quarantine

The number one accomplishment, besides surviving an unplanned early retirement and being forced to stay indoors for 9 out of the 12 months of the year, was the opportunity to spend twenty four hours a day with family.

The Wild Ladies

Following our family bonding we managed to gain new skills and developed a new outlook for our families future, one that involves financial literacy and ensuring that we gain, understand, and share the knowledge we continue to attain along the way. Without further ado, here is our list in no particular order.

The list of accomplishments has its least favorite experiences as well. Despite the fact that we lost a lot of money, we also lost our almost baby in a missed abortion. One of the heaviest moments for our family and apparently it’s a very common experience that many couples face when they are trying to conceive, something we discovered only after the fact. We strongly agree and recommend that more families talk about their abortion experience, whether it be planned or unplanned, more women need to know that there are many unpleasant situations that women go through. The more voices heard the more healing grieving women and families can achieve.

Ultrasound And Results Of Missed Abortion

Currency Education

We mentioned that we ended up in Latvia after seven months in Canada. What we didn’t mention was the return back to Canada to execute some real estate transactions.

During this time we rediscovered some financial vehicles that we wanted to get further acquainted with. We decided to take advantage of the downturn in the stockmarket and make a few purchases to add to our portfolio. Along the way we were given a suggestion to try out Wealth Simple, a Canadian version of the American trading app, RobinHood. These are trading platforms that allow you to buy and sell ETFS, Mutual Funds, and now, Cryptocurrencies.

Wealth Simple is a good APP and is perfect for a beginner, in our opinion. If you are interested in learning more about the platform or, you have heard of it and are simply looking to get more involved then, we encourage you to give it a try. Click the link to get a closer look.

Another currency vehicle we came across was the foreign exchange market. Foreign Exchange, also known as forex, provides investors an opportunity to buy and sell global currencies and commodities. The more challenging of the income generating vehicles as it involves reading and understanding charts and indicators in order to gain success in trading.

It’s only fair to say that you can achieve a lot of success with forex however, you can just as quickly come to lose a lot of money if you are not careful. We recommend opening a demo account first before getting involved in the live market.

Vantage FX – Scan The Code Or Click The Image To Access

2020 will definitely be a memorable year for many of us. A year filled with tragic loss, lockdowns, and home schooling.

A year where we had more virtual meetings and self isolation than we could have imagined. The year where we spent more time together with family, yet more time away from relatives.

2020 has given us a chance to REALLY take a look at what is truly important to us as a collective. If we take the time to evaluate we will come to find out that we all have an opportunity to reset, recharge and rediscover the values we hold deep in our soul.

We hope that the coming year and the years that follow bring you great health, wealth and happiness. From our family to yours.

Happy New Year

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