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Calling on all Canadian artists, writers and entertainers. We want to collaborate with you and showcase your work on our platforms. Let’s connect TODAY and get your work out to as many people as we can, your creations deserve to be seen by the world.

Gabriel K. Jones

The Gabriel K. Jones group is growing and we are looking for writers, bloggers, and opinionated people to be part of thewww.Gabrielkjones.comexpansion.

How Can I Join ?

You can send us one of your most interesting and original pieces in the submission box below.

Subject matter can include:

  • Poetry
  • Lifestyle & Entertainment
  • Business& Finance
  • Education
  • World Issues
  • Parenting

It Just Written Work Required ?

Absolutely not. You can submit video or audio works of art as well. Have an original song you want to promote? Submit it. Have an original painting and a biography ? Submit it. Have business and product you want to showcase? Submit it. Our team will review and select which piece we will feature on our site and notify you by email with the details.

Will We Paid For Our Work ?

Absolutely. We believe that your work of art deserves to be purchased…

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