Five Easy Ways To Discover Your Life Purpose.

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My goal is to make sure that you have a better idea of what your Life mission is. That way you can rest assured knowing that you would be able to contribute to society in a positive way.

Five ways to figuring out what your purpose in Life is.

  • Knowing your skillset
  • Knowing what you don’t know
  • Knowing what you suck at
  • Knowing how to make sense of the details
  • Knowing that mistakes are the keys to success

First, you need to understand what you are proficient in. What are your strengths, skills, knowledge?

Second, you need to figure out what you are not aware of.

Third, you need to identify your weakness. What you are not confident with, where you lack knowledge.

Fourth, you need to analyse the information you have gathered.

Fifth, fail… A lot.

Then gather those details from your failures, reasses and then go back at it again, and again, and again, then again.

Here is the spoiler… You’re going to have to use this process over and over again until you get the desired results or you die.

If you desire the success of the affluent, you are going to have to start operating your life like a business. This means you will need to be in charge of your life and be the CEO of it.
The coach, quarterback, manager, boss. Whatever analogy you need to operate at 10X levels.

However, if you don’t want that kind of life, if you are conent with going to your 9-5 and that security is what you desire, then that is okay too!
Just be the best version of yourself in this case and you’ll find happiness!

Know thy self

One love!


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