The Reality We Have Created.

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I could be a WHITE guy in a suit walking down the street. I could have murdered a hundred people and if no one knew they would say WOW, look at that successful man in a suit.

I could be an AFRICAN with dark melanated skin, wearing that same suit as the WHITE guy. If they don’t ask who I stole it from then they’ll probably clutch their purse or better yet, RUN.

This is the reality we have created. No matter where we travel, AFRICANS, we are hated. I used hated because I constructed the lyric without a companion for fear, with abscence of love there are no companions near.

One thing is clear if you are melanated you are not loved by most, you are feared. This is the reality we have created.

They have successfully divided and conquered us, taken our resources and sponsored us as the victims. And rightfully so. They came with empty books and promised everlasting life if we believed in the holy ghost.

What the F@#k is a holy ghost? Sounds like a ghost full of holes, or better yet, it sounds like your stories are full of holes. Missing pages and some how AFRICANS keep missing the link. AND if we keep fighting one another racism against BLACKS will keep winning the MINT. 

So tell me, what do you think?  Is this the reality you want to leave for our kin? Is this the faculty we want our enemies to win? Our enemies are the remedied that think racism is slim or doesn’t exist.

Man, I saw one kiss my sisters cheek, the other one vomitted on her. They say it was a setup, they were in on it together. Man, we call ourselves a sophisticated race of human beings, why do I witness vile acts that has my heart screaming?

This is the reality we have created. AFRICANS, we love, we share, yet still we are hated.
I don’t believe in an eye for an eye. I don’t believe in a tooth for a tooth. But, we have to stop with these stupid moves. We have to stop following these one sided rules. We have to start making unified moves. The more we have US the more we lose.

Right now my heart is bruised, don’t have a clue as what to do. That is why world I am reaching out to you to heal this wound.


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