How To Travel Stress Free On a Budget After A Financial Crisis

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A couple years ago we decided to take a romantic trip to the Philippines. What an amazing experience that was!?! Cebu island was filled with many historical landmarks that made us appreciate the trip and the rich history of the Cebuana people. When we thought we had seen everything in Cebu we decided to do a little research and what we discovered absolutely mesmerized us. We took the 4am bus to Oslob where we would swim and play with the whale sharks. The best decision we ever made as the experience was absolutely magnificent.

The Blue Waters in Oslob

Last summer we had the pleasure of taking the family on our first ever flight to Latvia. This time we had Elizabeth join us for this serene vacation filled with cottages, beaches, Lithuania and spectacular traditional meals that helped put three to five kilos on our bones, check out all the delicious food you could possibly eat while in Latvia. Latvia reminded us a lot of Canada, in the sense that it was filled with miles and miles of open land and pine trees and forestry; the nature aspect and clean, fresh, crisp air really made us feel like we were home.

For our next holiday we were debating where to venture off to next with the family. We considered the options of Japan and Vietnam, Japan for its uniqueness and the allure of Mount Fuji, and Vietnam for its mystique and close proximity; not to forget that we did an instagram poll between a cold and a warm destination and the voters chose warm therefore, our choice was practically already made for us. If you read the title of the post then you would have guessed where we ended up.

With tickets booked we were hooked and ready to deploy to Hanoi. Our plan isn’t to just go to all the places that have been talked about by countless travellers. We want to capture the experience through the way we navigate in life. We want to immerse ourselves in the heart of the city, taste the food, speak with the locals, see the sites in front of us, smell the air that is filled with the fresh odours of the meals being cooked, drinks being served, and the ritual fires being burned. We want to do all of this as a couple, as a young family and as young souls on a journey of discovery and wonder. Plus we want to show you how you can do it with little as $2000.00 USD

Walking In Cebu

Is it doable? Of course it is, and we show you step by step in our guidebook, Stress Free Currency. In it we take you through a budget calculator to give you a breakdown of cost, currency conversions, and resources used. We fill it with all the necessary details that you need to get you and your family on the plane and off to any space you choose.

What do we hope to get out of our trip to Vietnam? Another opportunity to show our children the world through our eyes and that way inspire and motivate them to venture out and create memories of their own travel journeys. What do we hope you get out of our trips and guidebooks? The inspiration, influence and encouragement needed to empower you to take the leap towards your next memorable destination.

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