Published In Bards Annual Anthology, Light Years.

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I am
Traveling through space,
traveling to a place I have never been to.

My thoughts once so simple,
So casual; do you understand?

Traveling through light years.
Watching each planet flash by,
That’s why,

I …

I will never be like them,
I will never be like you,
I will never be understood.

I am not alone,
Neither are you.
But who am I if I am not you?

I am traveling light years.
With heavy burdens.
The universe on my shoulders
And life is uncertain.

Showtime​ behind closed curtains.
Breathless underwater,
Our souls remained submerged in,
One in the same, with alternative versions.

These were just the light years.
Light years I was traveling in,

Like it’s been light years.

Light Years

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