Published In Bards Annual Anthology, Light Years.

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I am
Traveling through space,
traveling to a place I have never been to.

My thoughts once so simple,
So casual; do you understand?

Traveling through light years.
Watching each planet flash by,
That’s why,

I …

I will never be like them,
I will never be like you,
I will never be understood.

I am not alone,
Neither are you.
But who am I if I am not you?

I am traveling light years.
With heavy burdens.
The universe on my shoulders
And life is uncertain.

Showtime‚Äč behind closed curtains.
Breathless underwater,
Our souls remained submerged in,
One in the same, with alternative versions.

These were just the light years.
Light years I was traveling in,

Like it’s been light years.

Light Years

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