Making Money vs. Working For Money.

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If you confuse making Money with working then you are probably broke.

When you work you are no longer making Money. You are earning an income.

What do you mean? I am getting paid when I work

Yes, of course you are. Like previously mentioned you are probably broke and just making a living with that mentality.

You see, making Money is about generating ideas that generate Money or value. Notice that there was not talk about working, because what ends up happening is that your ideas and your Money end up doing the work for you.

So, do you know how to make Money?

Great question. The answer to that is I am learning. I am willing to admit that I have not mastered it yet, however, I am still practicing and exercising the craft to make sure my Money making muscle is fit.

What are you doing to make Money and not just earn a pay check? Have you read about the wealth management tips for beginners? Be sure to check it out and let us know what you think. Financial education is important, and it’s never too late to start.


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