What If This Was Not It?​

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What if one day
You woke and what you dreamed came true?
What if one day
Old friends became brand new?
What if
Love stories didn’t leave us blue,
knowing that one day this poem would lead me to you?
What if
Roses weren’t red,
what color​ would we say they should be instead?
What if
I was like everyone else ​and didn’t enjoy being all by myself?
What if
We are not alone,
and that extraterrestrial being​ called earth their new home?
What if
There isn’t only one life we live?
What if
when we die we just become kids?
What if
We could really fly?
Would you run away, just you and I?
What if
I always said I love you?
How would you respond to that?
What if…?

What if?


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