Sleepless In The Shadows Of Plight.

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Sleep captures the moments we race through each day.
Challenging us to keep us awake
I cannot sleep, I cannot rest.

These nightmares are villainous,
these dreams are unjust.
No need to adjust the screen,
this is merely a test.

What courage you have,
NO heart in your chest.
Broken hearts laid to rest,
a dessert of souls, immortal control.

Saving one life is more precious than Gold.
But now I’m cold, caught in a frost,
bitten by jack and kissed by moss.

These are the weight from things of the day,
the sky once blue now shimmers in grey.
The world once new ​ now shrivels, decay.

Falling to pieces like ashes from graves.
I can’t sleep at night, I think of you I might ​
cry a few tears that fight,
desire a few years alike…
I like…
I write…
My plight



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