Lust And Loved

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I don’t know what to call it,
the strange tides keep the thoughts revolving.
Beautiful chaos, wrapped in a silver sheet.
Escape with me, let’s run away to a place we can both cry in each other’s arms.

I’m counting on you to protect my heart.
Love is so moving ​and plays a monumental tune in this world.
This life.

I breathe, inhale a sweet scent, the perfume of a nude stench.
Lust overtakes​ me. Loving how euphoria enslaves me.
A prisoner of my fantasies, keeping reality away from me.
Because in the real world you and I are strangers,
not even good enough to be neighbors.

The truth is you’re this angel saving me from my devilish hell.
Torture me no more, I give in to your pleasures, begging you to put your loving arms around me, ​baby.

These lyrics aren’t new,
but I choose to subdue the pain they have brewed.
I love lust and loathe love it’s true.

I dedicate this poem to you.

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