Golden Fox Off Dufferin Street.

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Loving the sweet taste
tequila on my buds,
this devilish water I embrace
to wash my sins away.

Help me forget my name,
I smile to myself,
these thoughts won’t last long
soon I’ll forget.

So tattoo your name someplace
I’ll see in the morning,
when the sun wakes me,
from under my bridge.

Dance with me,
this one last time,
so I’m not alone tonight.

You capture my attention,
you’ve captured my spirit,
now take me with you,
far away so I don’t ever come back.

I don’t want to remember the bruises,
the hurt I use to cry myself to sleep with.

Don’t make me love anymore,
but let me lust the moments we spend.
Let me yearn for another glance from your beautiful soul.

Touch me with your words and let’s drink our sorrows of tomorrow away.

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