Time To Get Into Yourself

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I have been up
I have been down
I have been beside myself.

Through it all I have learned that pain is temporary and holding in the anger hurts you more than the ones you are angry with. They probably have no idea you are upset with them, so you can either tell them and #hash it out or let it go, because in the end it will not matter.

I have learned that all things are possible and that some come with far greater challenges than we anticipate but, in the end all things are possible. Like #forgiveness and most importantly forgiving yourself. Forgive yourself for the crappy situation you had to deal with growing up. You were not asked to be born into it but, one thing you will learn along the way if you choose to accept the lesson is that you can #choose to stay in it or #change it.

These are the life lessons I have learned at #thirty and I continue to learn more about myself every year.

I am grateful that I have been able to #travel and experience different cultures and personalities. At the core, all we truly desire is #love

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