Can You Develop A Business During An Economic Down-Turn?

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The only way for you not to know what’s been happening around the world is if you are living under a rock.

In the first 75 days of 2020, the world experienced a depression in which every continent had been exposed to an economic weakness, one that no one could have been prepared for.

Starting out in Wuhan, China, this virus had in a matter of three months brought the world economy to its knees. From grounded flights, to closed borders, to mandated business closures world wide. Let’s not forget the quarantines and social isolation.

Terrible news on all accounts, right?

However, we are only looking at things from a single perspective. What if this was the opportunity we were all waiting for? The moment where the planet has a chance to recover from all the toxic fumes we pump into the atmosphere. The chance for the trees to clear the air of all the C02 and provide us with the much needed and free Oxygen. A moment for the markets to correct themselves and adjust, companies learn how to restructure their organization and possibly give alternative work options rather than the mundane ritual that we have been so accustome to yet, it is so out dated.

What if this is that moment you so desperately needed, to turn that hobby into that business you have been dreaming about ever since you graduated college?

When news first “spread” about the Coronavirus, there were many skeptics that wouldn’t accept the mortal dangers that was creepy up to their door step.

We left Shenzhen thinking it would be better for our family, and indeed it was a good decision, however, now that the virus has spread all over the globe, China seems to be the safest place at the moment. Of course things will get better worldwide, however, they could have been in better shape for many countries if they had taken matters more seriously from the beginning.

What is even more deadly, in our opinion, is the inaction most will take when it comes to pursuing their dreams. If starting and owning your own business is not what you are looking for that is fine, this message doesn’t really apply to you. However, for those, like us, who where looking for the free time to focus on your ideas, content, aspirations, projects, or goals, this is it!

Grab this moment by the horns and don’t let it go until it submits and provides you with the lifestyle and freedom you desire.

We’ve been working on a few consulting projects of our own, and we’re going to take this time to build on them. We have rendered our services to:

  • March17
  • The Art Of Storytelling – Drama Coaching

And many more, including the Gabriel K. Jones brand.

What is our objective for this message? It’s actually quite simple. We want YOU to take this opportunity we have been given, and take action.

It’s absolutely risk FREE and will only cost you the effort you put into it.

The hardest part about any journey is literally the first step we take. It’s scary and exciting all at the same time, but, you only get to find out how exciting it is only after you start.

Don’t know where to begin? How about we help you figure out the right approach with a free 45 minute consult and assessment.

Fill out your details below and let us know where you are in your entreprenurial journey and where you think you could use some assistance. We’ll setup a convenient time and get started on our work together.

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