We Started A Family In China

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If you have been following our story so far, we want to say thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. We’re just a couple of crazy kids in love and sharing our story with the world.

Our story starts off in Mississauga, goes to Toronto, ends up in China, and that is where the true story begins. The Shenzhen Love Story was the previous post. In it we shared a few details about how to thrive in Shenzhen if you ever decide to venture over to that part of Asia. Then we talked about how we met and fell in love with one another. click here to – READ IT HERE.

Hanging out in Vietnam

In this post we’ll share with you a little snippet of our upcoming book project that gives you the full details of the China Experience.

We were in the Philippines for two weeks, however, after three days we had already explored much of Cebu city and decided to venture off to neighbouring cities. We ended up travelling to Oslob and swimming with Whale Sharks. Amazing just doesn’t justify the experience. These creatures are absolutely magnificent and being in their presence can only be compared to the birth of your first child.

After our trip to Oslob we decided to stay in Alcoy for the night. We had our own private beach and enjoyed a few nights of romance and relaxation. We were living the lives we deserved. When we returned to Cebu, we realized we still had five days remaining on our twelve day holiday, so, what we did was book the next flight to Boracay for another adventure, this time at the beach. Best decision ever! The pictures don’t do it justice. We encourage you all to get out and travel as much as you can when you can, your future self will thank you.

Do you remember what we said about the Whale Shark experience, the only comparable feeling we could equate it to being the birth of your first born? Well, that was about to happen to us in about nine months. In March of 2017 we found out that we would be expecting our first child together. Surreal moment for us both. Definitely a journey we were excited about. We were about to expand our family and things were about to get even more interesting.

Actual Ultrasound Footage.

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