The Coronavirus Is Still Here, Should You Be Worried?

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It’s been little over a month now since we have been away from Shenzhen. So far, we know that there have been no more reports of the deaths from the virus coming from China. However, a number of new cases have mushroomed up all over the globe.

In our previous post we highlighted that the WHO declared that thing were not at a state of emergency. Click here to read the post.

As of March 2020 there have been inceasing number of flight restrictions and countries enforcing mandatory quarantines if you happen to be flying from the hot zone areas.

Above are three out of sixty countries that have been listed, and it seems the list keeps growing.

Many public events are being rescheduled and or cancelled as the concerns continue to grow.

Should you be worried?

The truth is, we all need to practice better hygiene. Washing our hands more frequently and keeping them away from our face has been the narrative.

Is that enough though?

This isn’t meant to insight panic rather, it is meant to bring awareness to the matter. You can only be as safe as you choose to be. Sometimes the news you hear and read may not line up with the events that are happening.

Stay safe, ya’ll.


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