The Change Of Organizational Cultures

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The  change of organizational culture isn’t easy but it definitely is necessary when the times call for a change. Here are several reasons why. 

Firstly, the times are different. People want to work hard but they also want to balance their hard work with some quality family or me time. This causes some lifestyle behaviours that create major ecological consequences. There are  agencies and non profit organizations that are holding many companies accountable for the role they play in the creation of waste problems, bringing to light the negligence that some organizations create and influencing more companies to follow the ISO 9000 standard. 

Secondly, diversity is mandated. This automatically brings in mixed cultures and experience  which calls for more attention and better understanding from  coworkers and management; let’s not forget that if top management is paying attention to diversity in the workplace and having open town-halls with the employees, they can be provided a wider scope of products and services to their consumers with the research done from the diversity in their organizational environment. This will aid in developing loyal customers.

Lastly, the ever increasing amount of new technology that is introduced annually continues to grow. If companies want to maintain their competitive edge they need to keep themselves update on the latest trend. 

So, how does an organizational culture remain competitive? It focuses on its core values as a whole and makes sure to include the members of the organization when it reviews its  values annually. It includes the members of its organization because the company culture is an inclusive one that understands the value of human capital, it understands that without the people that produce there would be no business. The company also understands that the diversity it has makes it stronger, allowing the external perception of the culture to solidify a positive image. 

Changing the company culture will come with challenges, however, when the company does its best to minimize subcultures with values that are not directly aligned with the company’s it will make the process of change that much more simpler. The goal is to create an atmosphere with shared understandings that support the accomplishments of key company objectives. It will allow for a synergistic flow of work and life balance for the people in organization. It will be open to suggestions and ideas from the diverse cultures and it will not be intimidated by new technology that can enhance productivity, helping to mobilize the full talents of the organization and sustain a competitive advantage. 

Overall, in order to  be able to effectively change a company’s culture all the members of the organization need to share the same values.

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