A Love Story In Shenzhen

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Last time we shared a brief excerpt of how we ended up in China from Mississauga. Here is the link to that story – READ IT HERE.

This time we’re going to give you the 411 on how to thrive in Shenzhen, China. Before that though, here is a little bit about how the wife and I met in Shenzhen and how we started our family.

The Hong Kong Wedding Day.

Starting A Family In Shenzhen, China.

You’re probably wondering how a Canadian ended up marrying a Latvian in Hong Kong. It’s actually quite simple, you have to be dating a Latvian in order to be introduced to another Latvian in order to be introduced to even more Latvians. That is how a Canadian in the middle of 1.4 billion Asians manages to marry a non Asian.

When we first met, depending on whom you ask would most likely say that she was madly in love with his dashing humour and charming wit, and he thought that she was a classy specimen from a Victorian romance novel. Nevertheless, the relationship between us was not going to happen for another three months. In the meantime we would spend Christmas together and celebrate New year together.

By February, 2016 we found ourselves single and ready to mingle. Conversations over WeChat had us discussing opportunities of collaboration. He was working on a poetry short story book and she was aspiring to become a photographer. The idea was to have her photos be the images related to the stories and poems. A fabulous concept that began with him going to her home with a box of cookies. They eventually collaborated on a project together but it wasn’t the short story poetry book that he envisioned but the travel guidebook titled Stress-Free Currency, School of Travel. This book can be found on Amazon, and is totally free if you have kindle unlimited.

Stay tuned for the full story of our union in our next book project where we give you the whole picture of how we uprooted our lives from our home countries, ended up in China, found each other, started a family, then came back to Canada to build our lives, business, network.

For now click on this link that will give you an idea of how anyone who decides to travel to China can thrive in Shenzhen. Get the info on:

  • What it’s like to live in Shenzhen
  • Personal life
  • Opportunities
  • Salaries
  • Holidays
  • Community living and more.

How to thrive in Shenzhen

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