Are We Born With The Skills Of Human Resource Management?

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I had no idea how much growth had occurred in the HRM world. To read about the transformation made over the years is quite stimulating. From the inception of Personnel administration – an administrative and task oriented process. To Scientific management – production focus.  To HRM ( Human Resource Movement ) – providing expertise on a wide range, involving in house issues and outsourcing of task based work. And finallyHuman Resource partnership – Organizational success is linked to operational strategic management of labour. 

In regards to any experience with HRM, it is in my opinion that, we all have had some experience. Now, whether that experience is direct leadership role or indirect subordinate positions, we can all say we have experience HRM in one form or another. With the growing trends within the external factors that have an effect on HRM, we will come to see that human resource management is something that we are all gifted with from the moment we begin to socialize in society.

We are taught at home how to behave and operate within the environment involving our family. When our families and friends get together we learn mannerisms and behaviours that allow us to operate in social settings in our communities. We learn to understand verbal and non verbal cues, and we observe moods and behaviours that become pleasing to us or discouraging. I believe that what we grow to learn more about is how we manage our emotions, thoughts, feelings and desires, in settings that are not just social but professional as well.

When we talk about human resource management we are focusing on the aspect of a business environment that involves several operating systems and diversity, which brings in multiple cultures and behavioural differences, that we  may not be exposed to within our immediate  family and cultural social settings. I guess what I am trying to say is that, if we take the common responsibilities of communication that we learn as children into business settings we would have two thirds of the skills needed when it comes to human resource management. The other third would come from building an understanding when it comes to new relationships and cultural differences in the work space and making room for acceptance of cultural difference. Not making room in the sense that we simply include and update whenever a new member of society enters the work environment, however, making room in the sense that we find a common ground that everyone can work with.

So, if you have had to deal with someone other than yourself at one point in your life then you have some experience in human resource management. You may be thinking, “wait, what does this have to do with human resource management?” “ Human resource management has to do with managing a workforce of people and get them to produce results” That’s were I say you are right, however, any and everyone that is in a business, whether it is one they work for or one they have started themselves, is always engaged in a form of human resource management. You are either trying to find someone to work in your firm or find someone to buy your product or service. Therefore, human resource management is something that is with you no matter where you are in the world. 


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