Drama: Welcome To Film And Television Lesson.

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Welcome to The Art Of Storytelling: Online Drama Session. This will be an introduction to film and television component of Drama. Students will learn how to create, collaborate, and develop ideas into fun and meaningful projects. These lessons can be given in person however, this segment will focus on the online aspect of learning.

Pringles Commercial

Am I In The Commercial?

We will begin each class with an agenda.

  • Review previous semester “What Is Drama and Emotions” – 2 minutes
  • Introduction to the basics of the cameras – 10 minutes
  • Present the unit theme ” Commercials/advertisements” – 8 minutes
  • Reflect on todays lesson – 4 minutes
  • Assignment ” Find three different advertisements – food, technology, medicine” Tell us the emotions they want us to feel and the message they want to share.

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