Human Nature

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And I remember a time not too long ago
When our favourite things involved going out to roam
To travel the back-yard in adventures and fantasy
A moment when your imagination would let you be
A fairytale moment that has become our distant memory
Now we yearn for selfies and a quick fix
To our woes and malice
Thinking the outdoors are a fictitious
Description and an outdated practice
We want selfies we want instagram
We want tweets we want captions we want things that Kylie Jenner has
We want fast food we want fast cars
We want fast serviceĀ  but what is it all for?
What’s the rush?
Why do we have all of these things but yet we still don’t have enough?
We want your things when we have ours
We want more things that are not ours
So I sit back absorbing
It remains exciting never boring
To watch in silence the abhorrent
Actions our future off-springs

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