Corona Virus Not A Global Emergency

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The World Health Organization has declared the novel corona virus as a non global emergency.

They have also issued the best methods to use in order to protect yourself. Personally, we believe that these should and are simple and common standards that people around the world practice.

For the rest of the world it is absolutely great news, you don’t have to worry about being at risk. What about the 1.4 billion people in China though? Sure, the Chinese government has taken good measure to quarantine potential risks, they have gone even as far to shut down the public transportation and airport. This means people can’t leave Wuhan, where it is believed that the virus originated

However, if this persists, what will this mean for the Chinese economy? Let’s not forget that this is Spring Festival, the Chinese new year. A time of year where China has the biggest migration. For anyone dealing with China when it comes to business, you know that this time of year is when most business come to a halt. Now, if this virus continues to affect the country and impede operations, what will that do to the Chinese economy, better yet, what will the impact be on the wolds economy?

Will it be a global emergency then? The death toll is climbing but not at an alarming rate, the number of infected cases are rising, but not at an alarming rate.

This situation is definitely containable, however, people would need to stay where they currently are, businesses would need to be at a stand-still until all infected are treated and a vaccine materializes.

One of two things to do now if you are in China, protect yourself and your family, lay low and keep safe or exit before all airports and train stations get locked down.

G.K. Jones, reporting from Shenzhen.

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