What Is Your Most Valuable Asset?

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Being that time doesn’t truly exist, your most valuable asset can not be time.

Prized possessions do not hold up to what the most valuable asset is.

And all the gold you have doesn’t count either. Chances are there is someone else out there that has more than you.

So, what could be more valuable than gold, prized possessions, or time?

What is something that we all get and have, and can be shared with others but not necessarrily be the same for everyone?

It’s one of our best educators and friend and yet, some people don’t seem to learn from it or decide to make an enemy out of it.

The most valuable asset you will everyone have will be the experiences you gain in life. They will show you a roadmap to a life of wealth if used well.

When we take full advantage of our experiences the sky is the limit.

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