What Does Success Mean To You?

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Can success be a combination of things we desire and things we have been tasked to do.

Or, does success equate to the abilities you have to achieve the goals you set out for yourslef?

An athlete who desires to achieve a gold medal ends up placing in second or third, were they successful?

Most people would say that they failed. We would be included in the most people group, six years ago. However, now we have understood the difference between the material based success, which for most part is extrinsic and the fulfilment based success, which can also be extrinsic but most often then not is intrinsic.

Sure, the goal of gold was not achieved. But what of all the milestones, lessons, and experiences that will forever transform us?

Could we not say that these experiences infact made us more successful, because we now have a better idea of who we are as a person and can further use our knowledge to bring value to ourselves and others?

What does success mean to you?

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