How To Improve Your Relationships

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We have observed our relationships and discovered something truly important. We have discovered that nine out of ten times it usually isn’t the other person who is at fault when it comes to disagreements.

We are quick to point out the wrongs that others have committed against us however, we often forget to analyse our contribution to displeasing situation.

There has not been an extensive study that has been done by us regarding the way humans react when they argue so, most of our opinion comes from our personal experience or encounters that others have shared.

Here is an example we have for you. Recently we had a disagreement with a close relative. A disagreement that many would consider unnecessarry and quite petty.

After reviewing matters we realized that we had been feeling vulnerable, due to personal issues unrelated to the current issue we were facing.

In our opinion, vulnerability that goes unaddressed can quickly turn into victimhood.

You begin to lash out at family and friends and you justify it by saying things like “I am protecting myself and my family” or, you may end up in an immature state of mind and not be grateful for the assisstance given to you when you were at your lowest.

Relationships, like anything else worth having, take time to develop and grow into unbreakable bonds. However, it only takes one simple misdeed in order to dissolve all of the effort put in to create it. If you are willing to keep the relationships that matter to you then, it is worthwhile to invest in anaylsing how you behave in your relationships and see what areas you can improve in.

Whether it is in business, family, or romantic, you need to be able to stop and see yourself, reflect on your actions before you conclude on what happens to your relationships.

Remember, it takes two to make a thing go right.

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