Naked Images Presented

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When you expose yourself and undress the truth lays bare

Starring at you dead in the face

The mirror reflecting your vulnerable state


Absolutely Naked This Evening

Talking to you, having to catch some air as the chest needs to gasp for breath

All along the subconscious begging for death

How could we let you see us like this?

Flood gates shatter open the moment you enter inside


Now you’re drenched and undergarments once under armour are un-earth from the trench

The blush attempts to mask the embarrassment

The truth is, we’re hoping you don’t catch a whif of the stench

Trying to shatter these patterns and nasty habits that devour

The time and the space that we create every hour

It’s not simple to venerate when you look deep into our soul and penetrate

Feelings rushing to expel, feeling under trance from your spell

Our eyes locked, dilated pupils reveal lies from swollen members

The courtship seems short lived

This poetry sounds like it is not safe for work

However, all we’re trying to say is that being open with you makes us vulnerable, of course

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