Where To Find The Golden Refinery?

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It is no secret that the African continent holds an abundance of resources. With the past decades of African countries not impossing heavy taxes on their precious metals and commodities, the continent has been experiencing ridicule from European countries such as, Africa is a cemetary where black people go to die, or, the infamous words of the US President…a Shit-hole.

Are these comments wrong?

In fact, we would rather agree that Africa has not done well to grow itself into the supreme continent it is. With the continuous pilaging from European countries, the relaxed levies on exports, it is no surprise that other nations of the world don’t respect Africa.

In light of past errors the continent has made, Africa continues to push forward and improve its global image. Rwanda, being on of the countries to take matters in the direction that so many respond to…GOLD.

Rwanda has decided to do something that most people feel should have done a long time ago. The decision to move into a new phase of value addition has come at the second best time.

As the saying goes…

The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago, the second best time is now.

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