How To Write Better And Get Results

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When it is all said and done, what you need is a purpose, the main reason why you are writing and the fundemental understanding that you will continue to produce written work until your very last breath.

Poetry From Gabriel K. Jones

I Want A Lot Of Views

That is wonderful, and your work should get a lot of praise and attention, but, if that is your only motivation you are bound to have an ugly wake-up call.

Just doing the work because you want plenty of views isn’t going to keep you motivated for very long. There will be those days where you may get 9 or 6 views. What will you do then, quit?
You might be quick to say no, right now however, many people actually do. Let us tell you why.
People end up quiting afternoon they receive 9 or 6 views because they may have been excited about the day before when they had 300 to 600 views.
What a HUGE! drop, and if your only motivation is the number of people reading your work you might find yourself not continuing to write.

How Do I Write Better And Get Results?

The cliche is not actually that far from the truth. The secret to writing better simply involves you to do one…main…thing…



Okay, I Will Write, But How Do I Get Results


This part requires a little finess. Results are not and over night outcome. If you’re looking for the… wake up the next morning and have over 5000 followers because of one post, you have another thing coming.
Is it impossible? No, however, the market is saturated with a lot of noise. What’s going to make your noise any different and worth listening?
And therein lies your answer to the question, how can I get results?

Good luck!

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