To Be In Love Again

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To be in love again,

Would be a joyous feeling.

I’m feeling so good,

Thinking about you.

I can’t stop looking at our picture,

You kissing me, me kissing back.

I wonder what life would be if I never saw your cat.

I’m in love with Tiger, I’m in Love with you, I’m in love with Sita, I’m glad I’m not confused.

It’s been a long time, since I have felt this way, I’m in love with this feeling and I’m hoping it will stay.

This was a poem that was written at a time when I was beginning to transition from the person I use to be. Truth is we are continuously transforming. Truth is… if this love didn’t happen I wouldn’t have found my family that I have now.

Yes, there is a new love, one that is quite different from the previous love that inspired this poem. The new love is filled with trust, team work, passion, learning, and growing.

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