How Do People Come Up With New Years Resolutions

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We imagine that it has been a taxing eleven months, somethings have gone well and others could be completely erased from memory and existance.

We definitely agree that 2019 was a hundred meter dash of a year, filled with many events and activities.




So, when the last month of the year comes springing up like a Jack in the box, it is no surprise that most people become frantic and wish for a better New Year.

With such an eventful year, what draws us to make new year resolutions?

Wouldn’t be safer to just do more of the things that were fun and less of the things that were not? 




What we are saying is…
Less broken promises lead to happier times of the year. You only have to focus on the things that you enjoy doing and not have to worry about motivating yourself to get somewhere it accomplish something that you don’t want to do in the first place.

It’s almost the new year, why not do something different from what you have been doing before, what do you have to lose?

We hope your previous year was filled with exciting experiences. We hope the next one is even better.

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