Making Progress Requires A Process

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imageOur journey started sometime in 2017.
imageWeighing in at 74.45kg of lean muscle.
Some people are so focused at being at the result that they forget about the process that needs to happen. The process that makes certain your goal stays with you longer, rather than shorter.imageThis is the weight now at 2019imageThis is the look now at 2019. Still lean but, you can see that there is a little more insulation around the muscles compared to 2017.

On the road to becoming shredded and completely jacked it is always good to remember that it takes the focus of a shark to get the results that you are looking for. We are not talking about baby sharks, either. We are talking about the focus of a Gym Shark.

What happens when you get distracted from the goal? Some people get caught up with the negative aspects of distractions that the end up staying in a no progress plateau far longer than they would like to. Truth is, at least for us, you need to get de-railed from your track or else you wouldn’t appreciate the effort it takes in order to achieve the great results.
Failure is part of the process!
So, remember to fail forward. Keep making goals and watch yourself transform.

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