Uncovering The Mind In Undiscovered Stages

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The shades turn colors in the shadows.
Burying the thoughts I created of a life I related to a fairy tale.


Frail, consumed by the feelings I failed.

Have I?

They say, if you see the sun another day, it’s a chance to rebuild the way…

These grey clouds.
These grey clouds.

I can’t see beyond these grey clouds.

I’m hearing sounds
She’s happy with
And he’s happy with…

I’m unhappy and,
Nothing’s changed!


I’m constantly fighting not to be the same,
I’m constantly fighting to be this change.

The shadows play within my brain.
My mind is not the same,
I am not the same…

Seeing visions of things that came,
Things that faded.
My life is caught in undiscovered Stages.

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