How Gary Vaynerchuk Has Changed People

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When you can see evidence of curvy teenagers and young ladies turn into YouTube influences and instagram sensations, you will understand exactly what we mean when we say, Gary Vaynerchuk has systematically changed the way we chase money.

After a rough analysis of several celebrities and influencers, we have concluded that the people of tomorrow are beginning to see their value as more than just a twerk video.

Take the example of instagram influences @annastayziaa with a main page holding one hundred and eleven thousand followers (111k), whom was recently featured on @K-Swiss stories on instagram. She initially caught our attention because of the curves and the fact that her face resembled someone we have seen online before.

Needless to say, we decided to follow the link on the stories page and see who @annastayziaa is, and why she looked so familiar. Our instagram search brought up many pages, some being fan made, others being back-up pages. When we discovered her main page with over six hundred posts we knew we had found the source.

Her recent videos are dedicated to making YouTube videos and continuing her path towards influencing her viewers with material focused on helping others learn. As we watched several clips, her monologue and vocabulary resembled that of Gary Vaynerchuk, in our opinion. However, we couldn’t escape the conscious sub-conscious thoughts that this young lady in fact did not just start off talking about wanting to teach her audience Armenian and loving her audience, and if she had brought any value to the viewers they should subscribe. No, our hedonistic thoughts, fuelled by the fact that her curves were attention grabbing, were tip-toeing along the line of, ” I bet you she has dabbled with stripping, or some form of soft-core amateur adult entertainment”

Our thoughts were beginning to extinguish, until we decided to click on one of the other pages that were dedicated to @annastayziaa. And BEHOLD!!! the flood gates of twerk videos came pouring in. Other pagges with as little as three hundred followers came up, to pages with five hundred and ten tags, to private pages, with over twenty thousand followers. Most of them containing sexually charged images and provocative videos of bodacious body parts bouncing to hip-hop beats and boom-basic lyrics.

We have seen this before. In the days before @GaryVee was extremely mainstream. The days when the closest thing to a free adult entertainment site was, where amateur women would record themselves dancing for an audience to gain votes and popularity. The platform was a launch-pad for several of its participants to break into the adult entertainment industry, and become full fledge adult entertainment stars.

Young girls, whom we believe that if they heard the positive messages from @GaryVee earlier on, would not have ventured deeply into the career path of an adult entertainment celebrity. Women, who would have used their newly developed network of fans and turned it into a vehicle that continues to pump out value for a larger segment of the population, rather than the eighteen and over crowd.

In our extensive research, we discovered how the transitional phases occur for most of these women. At first it starts off with model shoots. Images that are innocent, highlighting women and femininity and exemplify beauty. It slowly transforms into body positive shots that reveal a little more skin and a lot less clothing. Mouths are slightly ajar, and evidence of water showing signs of hard strenuous activity has taken place in the narrative of the pictures. Basically subliminal sex references hidden behind the idea of art.

The next phase see’s the young ladies graduate to a level that is combined with twerking and suggestive teasing. The videos tend to end with a removal of a second to last piece of material used as coverings. The lady isn’t entirely nude, she isn’t ready yet. Things are still new and her fans are still growing. However, the request are most definitely pouring in for more provocative storytelling.

The next level involves full nudity now. Still artful, but you can see that these women have been drawn in by the attention, the money, and the attention. So they submit to the request that their fans are making. Now, their life has completely changed and for the better. The dancing continues, the stories and the role plays become more elaborate, and the fans keep growing. What’s next??

The introduction of self play and toys. Masturbation with her followers is the new church. She is the pastor and is leading her followers to the pastures of pleasure. They pay their tithes and she gives them a moment with God, pure ecstasy.

You can still find her amateur material on the original site. This time however, the teasing videos lead you to a paid site. If you want full access, you need to pay to enter the house of the lady. These are the facts of how some of these young ladies have transitioned into the life of adult entertainment stars. From the likes of: Virgo Peridot, London Andrews, Princess Pawg, and Mal Malloy. Women who started out innocently posing for pictures, then turning into a not safe for work conversation.

However, it seems that the only difference between these women and @Annastayziaa is that they didn’t have the influence of Gary Vaynerchuk when they could have used it most. If they did, they may have turned the narrative around and used their network and fanbase to create something that could leave a bigger legacy for them.

Is it too late for them to make the change?

Probably not. It would depend on them entirely. Remember, it’s a free world and people can choose to do whatever they please. To Annastayziaa and all the other women and men who have thought about going down the road that would be least favourable to society, or to those whom have used their attention grabbing technique to bring value on a global scale, keep fighting the good fight.

Two things we are confident about for sure: One, we will never doubt our instincts again. The second, Gary Vaynerchuk is making the biggest impact in our society since Gandhi.

One love, ya’ll.


  1. Aw, this was a really good post. Finding the time and actual effort to make a really good article… but what can I say… I put things off a whole lot and never seem to get nearly anything done.

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