Africans Do Not Teach Their Children How To Become Leaders

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Fear has caused Africans to raise yes men and women. Raised to obey rather than think for themselves and decide what serves best. In the argument of nature versus nurture, we can observe that in the home of an African they are bred to obey what the father and mother dictate. In fact they are raised to only obey and be obedient, and any form of insubordination would result in harsh forms of punishment. The mentality follows the children into the work place where they struggle to make achievements and advancements within the corporate world. Blame is usually placed on discrimination and racism, not to say that they don’t play a role, however, if Africans where raised to be leaders they would know how to stand up for themselves intelligently without having to be loud and boisterous, and eloquently describe their desires and needs. As a matter of fact, they would create opportunities for themselves in a manner that would allow them to get together with like minded individuals and build teams that would create businesses that would benefit society in a positive way.

Raising our children to be leaders or, eliminating fear and the need for an unquestioned obedience will change the landscape of failure and cultivate the landscape for success in the AFRICAN communities.

Let’s debate.

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