Our Father Our Father

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Man’s relationship to his sons, flawed be misguided feelings, slights and wrongs.
Father forgive me if I have sinned.

Lost in a world where you are in, the hearts of man. The mind never quite understands, and is never quiet; hold our head in our hands.

Heaven and Earth bless my brothers and kin.
Patients have been stretched to the edge and the brink. The truck loads the weight we have trimmed. Anticipating the moment, this is it, this is it.

Our Father, who is in heaven? Things that don’t make sense have me constantly questioning. Is there a place that lets all of us in? Or is it a made up fantasy, an illusionist trick?

Give us our daily bread, before I lay me down to sleep. Give me some brand new Jordans, that will swag up my feet. Maybe a boat load of cash so i can finally have free, time to lay me down to sleep.

Halo be they name, I pray my soul to be free,

And without you there would be no me.

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