The Time Your Emotions Got The Best Of You

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Finding it hard to let go of the pain in my heart. The pain, it keeps tearing me apart.

Piece be peace, we rage war against our needs.
Finding it hard to hold on to my faith. My conscience telling me it’s no biggie. Small s, ever since I was seven,
I had dreams I was Superboy in my derrange imagination. Running through the hallways, I swear I flew before I got scared and came down from heaven.

No one would believe it though.

Finding it hard to move on when everyone else is content to stay.
We can’t be the only advanced civilization, we can’t be the only human race.
Look at my face, feel the weight on my heart. I’ve made…
Forget it, you wouldn’t understand. You only see what you desire, the truth is far from what you can handle. I wish you well, the frequency I continue to aspire…to
I wish you well, in all that you do.
Hum Do Allah to my brothers and nephews.
I sneeze on this poem and let the lyrics bless you.

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