What People Don’t Know About The Feelings We Carry

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Sitting here thinking of what to do, what to say. I realized that too often we just look to fill the void with unnecessary gibberish. The kind that doesn’t really raise the level of consciousness that we all need, or at least the kind that I need.

Today, I choose to tell you, who ever you are, that…

I might not know you. I might have met you once. We might speak on occasion, we might have even been friends at one point in our lifetime. We may have been enemies, knowing or unknowing. We may have walked past each other at the train station, or even drove past each other on the highway. We may meet each other at a work function, or a mutual friends birthday. You may not even be conceived yet.

Just know though, that I am sending this into the universe through cyberspace. I want you and the entire multiverse to know…


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