A Generation Of Confusion

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You can not want to be left alone and get recognition at the same time.
My friend, you will have to make a choice to either take your head out of the grass, put yourself out there, get dirty, get bruised, maybe even get bloodied. But, don’t expect to gain recognition for work done and unseen.

If you want to be left alone prepare to be unrecognizable, prepare to be immemorable. Because those who are given accolades are the ones that are not afraid to stick their neck out, make mistakes, learn from them and grow.

We have met some people who want to be recognized for the work they do but all they want to do is the bare minimum. Is thank you not enough? Should there be more recognition? We ask this because they also think the best way to achieve success is just to put your head down and go unnoticed. Remove any possibilities of a target on your back.  Become invisible essentially. 

We believe that when you engage in anything, you have to be present. You may not like what it is that you have signed up for, but you made the choice to accept the responsibilities therefore, you have to show up and be 100% in the moment and involved. If you still feel unmotivated and unwilling that is perfectly fine. However, get out and let someone else who is willing to be present take your place. You are taking away an opportunity for someone else to make a positive impact. 

What ever you choose in life is perfectly fine, but make sure that what you choose is to be present fully. Because we might be one person out of seven billion. Although that might seem very small, your immediate surroundings are just as important as the rest of the world. So you may not make a huge impact on the entire world, in your opinion, but you might be the whole world to somebody. 

So live like you are going to be immortal and make ever action you take matter and count. 

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