Kickstarter Campaigns And What To Expect

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We decided to write a children’s book a few years back. We even wrote a blog post about it to share the process when we decided to get some illustrations done from fiver. You can read about it here.

After some time, we realized that we would need some additional funds to help us get this project finally completed. That was when we got the brilliant idea to jump on a kickstarter campaign wagon.

The though of it was slightly intimidating as we had never done anything quite like this before. We had so many questions, like were to being, what would we need, how should it look?

We deliberated this for many months. We even tried to consult a kickstarter consultant. That didn’t work out too well, we hope that we can connect with them or anyone else for that matter down the road.

Getting Started

So apparently we need a video to describe what the project is that we are developing. We don’t have one… yet.

Rewards that backers will get.

And next, you will have to tell your story. Explaining who you are, what you’re planning to make, where your project came from, what your plan and schedule is, what your budget is, and why it’s important to you.

Next comes the funding of the campaign which we will get in more detail with in another blog post.

After the funding comes promotion. Tapping into your network is a must with this one. This seems to be the cornerstone of success with many if not all projects. We have come to know this through experience and have realized that the next point, which is communicating with your backers is just as important when it comes to people who have not yet backed your project. You need to let people know what you are up to and how they can help.

Speaking of help, we are looking for some collaborators. Not sure if we mentioned this yet, but this will be our first ever kickstarter campaign, and we would love to connect with you if you have done a campaign and would be open to join us on this project.

An old African proverb goes a little something like this:

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Let’s go together, ya’ll.

Check out the link to preview our kickstarter campaign, and don’t forget to leave us some feedback.

Click here to preview our kickstarter campaign.


There are tones to expect when it comes to a kickstarted campaign. Here is a quick list to summarize it all for you.

  • Video presentation
  • Rewards backers will get
  • Telling your story
  • Funding the campaign
  • Promotion and networking
  • Collaboration

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