Drama Coaching Curriculum And Lesson Planning

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Final performance of the Lion King – Egyptian rendition.

Drama is simply everyday interactions put on display for people to relate to and feel at ease, knowing that we are all in similar situations, trying to find the best way to deal with life.

The students now face a new challenge, one that requires them to be able to understand the necessities of creating an individual personality that reflects the capability to be a global citizen. Students can no longer rely on their GPA or SAT scores. They need to show their capabilities in creating passion project, social communities; they need to show that they know how to live in a society and be an active member, an active leader and an innovator. The students need to learn that school is very important for obtaining knowledge, moreover, they need to learn that school is just another platform in life where they can grow and express their imagination and eventually build a future filled with opportunities greater than the one they had.

We created this program to allow the students to have a safe and fun environment that will allow them to continue to learn and relieve the pressure from day to day activities. The Art of Story Telling introduction to Drama will improve how the students speak and present themselves, while using English as their second language. This is a course that will empower the students with the confidence needed to use English as a way to express their imaginations. The skills learned will give them a competitive edge when it comes to pursuing a life of academia and beyond. Once you comprehend the lessons you will always carry them with you, giving you an opportunity to apply them in all aspects of your daily life.

Why is this product for you?

If you are an ESL teacher and are looking for a new way to educate, enlighten, empower and influence your students, then this will be the best solution to your wants.

Introduction To Drama Curriculum And Lesson Plan

Get a basic eighteen week drama curriculum, an entire semesters lesson plan, and a facilitators guide to start your classes off on the right step.


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